Kamis, 07 April 2011

Rujak Blang Bitra Peureulak

I travel a lot (btw this is Bibip), nation wide and internationally. Usually the first two questions I ask would be: "what is the special local food here?" and "where is the traditional market?" I think those are the best things that could tell you much about the place if you have limited time (I have crazy work travel schedules, well not anymore now since I started "bertapa" in Seattle.. :-)).

Once I had an assignment to advice "ibu-ibu DPRD" in Langsa, Aceh Utara, and Banda Aceh. So I would travel by car from Langsa (south east) to Lhoksemawe and Aceh Utara (north). There is Peureulak city in between and I love the rujak there! So, as usual, I took some pictures :-). Rujak in Medan has the same style. In Jakarta we call it "rujak ulek." But rujak peureulak is different. You shoud try! i

Btw, hmm.. I guess the English translation of "rujak" is mixed fruit with peanut sauce.

This is the "basic": peanut sauce. The grinding stone is massive! We call it "ulekan" :-)

This is when the guy was mixing the peanut sauce with the cut fruit. Oh look at the yummy green chilli!
..and tadaaaaa! this is MY plate of rujak! yummmy!! (I am in Seattle now and I am missing it...)

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