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Superhuman Srength from Aceh - Debus Aceh

One of the cultural heritage of the famous Acehnese are Debus
Art Debus focused immunity against sharp objects, always use equipment called Debus.
There is another view that says, whistle means the end of a rod of iron tipped spears and round. With this tool, aids stomach hurt like a nail, but did not penetrate the upper Debus even beaten many times.
Debus players demanded a strong faith and away from the Ma-Five. Mentally to be strong, should not hesitate perform dangerous actions. In its development is often combined with the art of dance, sound art and mysticism
Value of outstanding fighters immunity through attractions, such as the stomach with a spear pierced or almadad without injury, slicing the body with a knife or cleaver to cut or no cut, eating fire, insert the wire needle into the tongue, skin, cheeks until translucent without bleeding, cutting member body until wounded and bleeding but can be cured at once, flush with water bodies hard to wear clothes that were destroyed, chewing glass, fire, burned bodies and many more.

Historically, the whistle was associated with a orders brought Rifa'iyah Ar-Raniry Nurrudin to Aceh 16th century. The order is a convention, when the condition of epiphany, happy for 'face time' with God, they menghantamkam sharps into their bodies. Philosophy, no effort but because God alone. So if God does not allow knives, machetes, knives or even bullets hurt them, then they will not hurt.
The order is up to the Minang known as Dabuih. Somehow the details, Debus in Banten in the 18th century. After spreading, each region has the right to whistle. Thus, H Sultan Nur Alamsyah, professors prefer Debus Ki ADO appears as a whistle Santoso East Java or Muhammad who develop Debus Mudzakir Mataram

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